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Information for parents/carers 

Does your child...

Have difficulties saying words clearly, or producing certain sounds, making their speech unclear or difficult to understand?

Not yet use words to communicate, using only a small number of words or finding it difficult to put words together to build sentences?

Struggle to understand what is being said to them, or to follow instructions?

Find it difficult to remember words or names?

Have difficulties processing spoken language and remembering information?

Struggle to interact or use appropriate social skills with children or adults?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions or you have other concerns then Cardiff Speech and Language Therapy can help.  

Cardiff Speech and Language Therapy can provide...

Sessions at our dedicated therapy room, your home, your child's school or virtually via online interactive video calling


Sessions offered at evening and weekends to fit around your family schedule 

Free initial telephone conversation where we can discuss your child, your concerns and the service you feel you require

Full assessment, advice and planning of next steps

1:1 therapy sessions delivered in our dedicated therapy room

Free therapy resources for use during and between sessions where appropriate

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Before we start, it's really important that we find out if we are a good fit for each other! 

I offer a free consultation. This will allow me to understand what you want and for you to understand what I can offer. 

This can be done via email or over the phone.

Consultations typically last 30 mins. 




Full and  comprehensive assessments for speech language and communication concerns. 

Assessments can usually be carried out 1-2 weeks after your initial consultation.
Appointments are offered in your own home or your child's school / nursery at a time that is convenient to you, even on weekends! 

You can also choose to receive a summary report from your assessment or a detailed report with recommendations and targets


I believe therapy should be fun and exciting, but also easy enough for you to continue with in your own time. I work closely with you to set goals and targets that work for you.


I use a range of evidence based approaches when carrying out therapy sessions. 


Sessions are carried out at a range of locations including at our dedicated therapy centre, school or virtually via teletherapy (online video calling)

Sessions typically last 1 hour. This includes 15 mins of verbal feedback and target setting.


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