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In order to fully understand your child's needs and to ensure all recommendations are tailored specifically to your child, a detailed assessment is needed. 
This usually consists of: 


  • Information from you regarding your child's difficulties, what you want to achieve and what has been tried already

  • Information from other professionals who may have already seen your child, this can include a health visitor or your child's teacher 

  • Formal or clinical assessment

Formal assessments 
These are tools that have been standardized and will give a score of where your child is in comparison to other children of a similar age. They give a detailed overview of your child's abilities. 

Clinical assessments
These include observations, checklists and play based tools to understand your child's strengths and areas to develop. 

Assessments usually last 1 – 2 hours. They can be carried out at home, school or in the community.
Sometimes an assessment may need to take across a number of settings i.e. at home and at school.  This will be discussed with you at the time of booking.



Before any therapy can commence, your child will need an up to date assessment. This can be from the NHS, as long as it is dated within the last 3 months. This ensures therapy is suitable for your child's current needs. 

Therapy sessions typically last 45 mins with an additional 15 mins for questions and feedback. 
It is usually recommended that sessions take place weekly, however during your initial consultation we will discuss the frequency that is suitable for your child's needs and for your personal circumstances. 

In order for therapy to have the most impact, it is important that there is a consistent approach. You will be given tailored activities to continue to work on between sessions. 

The cost of therapy also includes the time spent outside of the session creating tailored plans, making resources and liaising with other professionals/ school staff (if required).  


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