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Meet The Team


Founder and Lead Therapist

Sinead Campbell

Sinead has worked in the NHS, Local Education Authority and within the private sector, delivering assessment and intervention, predominantly to children from 0-16., with a range of difficulties such as: 

  • Language delay 

  • Developmental Language disorder 

  • Speech sound disorders 

  • Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Literacy difficulties 

She is particularly passionate about empowering parents, caregivers and education staff with tools to support children's language development.

She delivers a range of training to parents, teachers and larger companies on how to recognise and support Speech, Language and Communication Needs. 

Sinead is also a qualified Dyslexia Assessor and offers Dyslexia diagnostic assessments. She also incorporates literacy into her speech and language sessions. 

As featured on the BBC


Associate Speech and Language Therapist 

Emily Poultney

Emily previously worked for NHS across mainstream and special schools, nurseries and community clinics.


  • She has experience in assessing and supporting children/ young people age 18 months to 18 years

  • She is passionate about working with children to provide personalised support

  • Her special area of interest is in stammering and speech sound development

  • She love's getting to know children and their families, to help support communication development in fun and engaging ways

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Associate Speech and Language Therapist 

Sian Rees

Sian has previously worked  in the NHS in London , before moving to live in Cardiff. She has experience of managing speech sound disorder case loads and delivering projects in Early Years settings. 


  • She has experience of working in Primary and Secondary schools

  • Her area of interest is speech sound development 

  • She is passionate about working with families and teachers to provide the most effective support

  • She likes to make sure her sessions are creative, motivating and above all, fun! 

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