Are you a parent or a carer?

Does your child...

Have difficulties saying words clearly?

Struggling using words in sentences?

Have difficulty answering questions?

Struggle with following instructions?

Have difficulties playing or interacting with others?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions or you have other concerns then Cardiff Speech and Language Therapy can help.  


Cardiff Speech and Language Therapy can provide...


Full assessment of speech, language and communication, with a written report


All services now adapted for online delivery so you can access support from your home


Sessions offered at evening and weekends to fit around your family schedule 


Sessions in our dedicated therapy room in Cardiff Bay, or we can visit your at your home or school instead

Bespoke intervention

Written targets tailored to your child's individual needs. Fun and engaging 1:1 therapy

School programme

We can work with your child's school to support the setup and delivery of your child's individual plan