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Training for everyone

Whether you'd like to attend one of our organised training sessions or book a bespoke course for your school, we have options for everyone.


Courses for schools

Courses for parents & early years professionals

Let's talk with under 5s

Participants learn 

  • The link between play and language

  • How to develop using words and sentences

  • Developing the ability to ask questions 

  • Importance of sharing books for early literacy 

  • How to help children with unclear speech

Kindergarten Student

It takes two to talk™

Participants learn how to 

  • Recognize child’s stage and style of communication 

  • Get interactions started 

  • Using language in everyday routines

  • Building confidence and encouraging communication 

  • Developing an understanding of language

  • Using play and books to develop language

  • Help child learn and use new words

More than words™

  • Improve social communication skills and back and forth interactions 

  • Improve play skills and join in play 

  • Tip on how to encourage communication using pictures or print 

  • Talk so children understand and engage with you 

Speech & language support for 5-11s

A practical 10 week, level 3 accredited course for staff working in primary schools

Participants learn how to support and develop

  • Attention, listening & independent learning

  • Understanding beyond simple sentences

  • Vocabulary, expressive language and narrative

  • Unclear speech, reading and writing


Speech & language support for 11-16s

A practical 10 week, level 3 accredited course for staff working in secondary schools

Participants learn how to support and develop

  • Classroom participation, attention & listening

  • Abstract language & vocabulary learning

  • Effective communication & social skills

  • Clear speech & links to reading and spelling


Bespoke training for schools

  • Wonderful words

  • Language of the classroom

  • All about SLCN

  • Fun with sounds

  • Language for behaviour and emotions

Teacher and Student
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