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Bespoke service for schools and nurseries

"Effective speech and language therapy services are based on working in partnership with schools"

Cardiff Speech and Language Therapy offers bespoke services to nursery, primary and secondary schools in Cardiff and surrounding areas. We can support you to identify and meet the needs of ALN pupils
Services are d
elivered as whole day or half day sessions at a frequency that meets your schools specific need. 

Services provided to school includes: 


  • Whole School approaches

  • Staff training: Twilight & lNSET days

  • Environmental changes to create language rich classrooms 

  • Communication Friendly Setting Accreditation 


  • SLCN screening of priority pupils 

  •  Training an LSA to set up and run specific groups 

  • Joint working with LSA's to develop interventions 

  • Intervention group sessions 


  • Detailed / standardised assessment, suitable for IDP's / IEP's

  • Direct 1:1 therapy with a individual pupils

  • Personalised programmes

  • Specialist training  

  • Reports for Statements/ EHCPs


WellComm Training 

​Support to develop your skills in administering, scoring and implementing interventions using the WellComm Screening Tool. 

  • Early Years

  • Primary

  • Includes termly follow up audit 

  • Develop staff confidence in supporting pupils at universal and targeted levels

Setting required to provide own screening kit 

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Elklan Accredited Training 

Level 2 and 3 accredited course on SLCN for Teachers and LSA's

Gain accredited Communication Friendly Setting Status 

  • Speech and Language Support for 5 - 11s

  • Speech and Language support for 11 -16s

  • Communication support for 0-25s with complex needs 



Bespoke Training Packages 

Bespoke training packages to meet your school's needs including: 

  • SLCN in Secondary Schools: What it looks like and how to support 

  • Supporting SLCN in Primary Schools 

  • Language of the Classroom : Blanks Levels of Language 

  • The Wellcomm Screening Tool: Screening, scoring and implementing interventions 


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